Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Times of Trouble

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Currently in a book reading phase. I think it's my way of procrastinating now that I have to record a bunch of music for Knock & Boots.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 Before 20: An Update

If you haven't checked out my 20 Before 20 list, you can do so by clicking on the link for it to the left!

If you have checked out my list, I think you'll be happy to know that I've accomplished three things. Now, it may seem like there's a lot more to get done before November 21st (my birthday), and you're right.

Yeah, I really need to buckle down and get this stuff done!

But back to the original business:

1. Get a tattoo.

^Basically a bunch of pictures of me in different dresses, showing off my new tattoo. It's a Calavera R2D2 with hearts. I absolutely adore it and can't wait to put more ink buddies next to the little guy!

4. Dye hair jet black.

In another dress, showing off my jet black hair that has sadly faded to a dark brown. But I'll be dying it again so that'll be festive.

13. Make money off of my music.
I'd rather not show how much I made or any other details like that, but I can proudly and happily say that I can cross this off my 20 Before 20 list. It was really a wonderful time to see that email in my inbox--it was like a little message to let me know that music is what I need to be doing and that it's okay to focus so much time and energy on it.

My band Knock & Boots is gearing up to record our first EP! It's so exciting, I can't even believe that it's happening. I'll be putting the link to our website as soon as it's up but until then here is our new and improved Facebook page that offers free downloads of little covers we do and (of course) updates about our lives and music.

In other news, I'm living in a hotel! While my parents relocate to Santa Cruz and K & I record the EP, we'll be staying in a hotel in my hometown. (A bit boring at times, but it definitely feels like a much needed experience.)

Stay tuned for more comics about my life and music from Knock & Boots!

Happy Wednesday!