Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Allen Ginsberg and Music

Today is an artwork day!

The line is from Allen Ginsberg's poem, "America."
Font: Bellatrix from Animus
Roses: Photoshop brush from Animus.

Feel free to download and share!

Another reason why there's no comic today is because we've been working hard on music for our band, Knock & Boots.

Recently our song, "Damn Good Wife," was featured on San Diego's ROCK 105.3 Loud and Local show. We're hoping to not only get some more radio time next Sunday, but also a few new fans. I just finished creating our bandcamp site and I must say, I'm pretty proud of it.

You can go to the website by clicking on MUSIC on the left side of this blog! So far we only have three songs up, one for free and two for one dollar. I can't wait to get into the studio with the whole band and finish our EP! 

You can support us by liking us on Facebook or buying a song from us. 

Tonight we're going out to dinner to celebrate our radio time!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Tune into ROCK 105.3 on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. to hear some great San Diego local bands! 

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