Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scenes From Santa Cruz

Life has taken a slower pace.

Drinking horchata, eating good food, riding roller coasters, walking up and down the boardwalk.

Tomorrow we're going to put on our suits and tan all day long.

Today I got a new dress. It's red. I feel stylish.


"Can we do a normal one?"

My red dress and a face that is meant to be sensual, obviously.
Until today, Kody had never been to the boardwalk. Actually, he's never even been to Santa Cruz! I had a fun time pretending like I went there all the time and I'm actually a local and everyone loves me here, they call me B-Dog.

Here's Kody being a tourist and me taking pictures of him because I'm a local.

Trying on hats. 
Santa Cruz boardwalk mini golf course. He loved it. Typical tourist.
And now I have some crazy cool news! We're moving here for the summer! We'll be moving into a hotel for about a month and then helping my parents move into a house. The whole summer will be dedicated to beach, sunshine, and family.

And then August we move back to Sacramento and life sucks again.

Happy Sunday!


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