Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello Babe, This Is Sony. How's It Going?

Alright so basically this is my face. It looks like this all the time. It's the reason why I landed a smooth dude.

Definitely might have lied a little on that last sentence. My boyfriend is anything but smooth. He's more like an unedited version of a young Brad Pitt. At least in my eyes he is.

Please excuse the obnoxious words over the image. This was when Picnik fonts weren't completely overrated.
I also have a cat named Moo (see word on image above). Unfortunately he's much older now and missing a claw. Not sure how he lost the thing, but at least it slowed him down. Now when he bolts outside I can actually catch him. I suppose it's no longer considered a "bolt" so much as a "sad attempt at escape." We still haven't gotten him fixed (he already lost a claw and now we're supposed to take his testicles too??) so I fear that he's probably impregnated at least one lady cat out there.

I live in Sacramento, Ca in a yellow house full of other renters (all male and ranging from 19 to late 60's). The great thing about my house is that it is surrounded by trees. Really, it's just a beautiful place. And the backyard? I definitely have more than one instagram picture of that business.

Let's just not say anything about my feet.
Did I mention that I'm a student? Yep. I'm planning on teaching marine biology to high school students. Because nothing goes together like sea horses and teenage angst.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about me and maybe you'll come back to read more! In anticipation of returning readers, I've begun dreaming up posts that might seem interesting to some people: The Science of Sex (Or How the Science Channel Sucks Me In...Pun Not Intended), Why Pants Are for Fools (Sometimes), Pictures of Things I Eat, etc.

Happy Friday.


P.S. The title of this post is from a movie called, "Crazy People." I just watched it tonight and it was hilarious. Find it on Netflix!

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